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In our government section, you can access information to contact your representatives, read presidential biographies and study copies of documents such as the Constitution and Magna Carta.

In the International Relations section, at Political Fly, you can read articles and papers about U.S. foreign policy, study how our military works concerning other counties, find an embassy, learn about our foreign ambassadors and international organizations that are important to the United States.

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In our Political Theory section, you have the opportunity to study many of the notable political theorists. In addition, you can download a book, at no cost, by many of the theorists you just learned about. You can also read articles and papers relating to political theory.

If you are interested in the latest information on numerous political issues from climate change to justice and public safety just click the government link above to start your journey. If you are interested in a specific topic or just want to search this website, scroll down to the bottom of any webpage and we provide a search bar where you are able to do a full search here at Political Fly. If you would like to search the government directory for a specific government official or committee, please use the directory search bar in that section.

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